Originally from Baltimore, MD Anna has been based in London since 2013. 

Anna's multi-disciplinary practise encompasses ceramics, printmaking and textiles. Once described as 'low-fi yet cerebral', Anna's playful and irreverent designs often begin life as a sprawl of paint and cut paper before turning into 3D objects and pattern designs.

Anna is the co-founding member of Clay Collective, a 12 member ceramics co-op based in Hackney since 2015.  

A bit about the making process:

The majority of Anna's ceramics are hand built using slabs of clay. She uses a process of inlaying pieces of stained clay to create a surface decoration that mimics the paintings and paper collage that inspire the designs. 

This method is slow and time-consuming, and the handling of flat slabs as they're turned in to 3D objects often results in each piece being unique and slightly off-kilter.